views of nature’s highest structures and the surroundings they influence

Mountains are the true masters of the land. They form the foundation of the landscape, crafting valleys, directing rivers, shifting wind patterns, shouldering glaciers, and offering a multitude of different environments for flora and fauna.

If you spend any time approaching a mountain, you’re almost certain to gain a respect—reverence, even—for them. Many indigenous cultures consider mountains to be living beings, relatives, or gods of incomprehensible might. Suffice it to say that there is much more to a mountain than initially meets the eye. Whether or not you embrace a Gaia-like mindset, we can all agree that there is power in these massive works of stone.

The photographs I’ve included in this collection are designed to reflect that sense of awe and wonder that I find every time I breathe that rarified alpine air and raise my lens to the grandeur inherent in mountainscapes.