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Can landscape photography spark one’s imagination? Absolutely. While the foundation of a quality image is based on composition, light, and pattern, these aspects are meaningless if they result in just a “pretty picture”. I strive for something more.

Story is the driving force behind my creative work. I want my photographs to make the viewer pause, to take a longer second glance. Something—as ineffable as it might be—draws you into the picture. It speaks to you. In that moment, the photograph transcends mere imagery; it now has a story to tell.

I aim to transport the viewer into the photograph using a visual dialogue that elicits a sense of wonder… if only for a moment. My photographs combine with fanciful descriptors to plant a whisper of possibilities into the viewer’s mind, imbuing my landscape subjects with thoughts, capabilities, and desires that are universal to the human condition. Search through my galleries to find a living gateway to another realm, boulders that dream of sailing into the sunset, a gathering place for forest denizens, the failed ambitions of a shipwreck, a symbol of resiliency whose beauty is the direct result of life’s struggles—or whatever creative allegory strikes you.


An emerging fine art photographer, Bryan Sabol is a technical communicator by trade, a marine biologist through academics, and a lifelong devotee of creative photography. While pursuing his scientific degrees (M.S., Biology, Florida State University; B.A., Biology, Reed College), he studied photography at the University of Oregon. During his senior year at Reed College, Bryan was the college’s photojournalist for The Quest, the school newspaper.

After decades of work in the high-tech industry, Bryan set himself on a path in 2022 to transition his photographic work into a professional endeavor. Since then, his work has been exhibited in Kent, WA (upcoming); Portland and Joseph, OR; Lakewood, CO; and Kansas City, MO.

Bryan lives on a cliff overlooking Puget Sound in Washington state, USA, where inspiration is as close as his back yard.

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