capturing the magical interface of the Earth’s two greatest realms

There is something profound in a view that stitches together the vastness of sea and sky. Sunsets, reflections of clouds on the water, ripples and eddy lines. Horizons provide endless creative refashioning of the same scene into something new. 

To this day, I’m constantly amazed by how this vista offers serenity one moment and turbulence the next. Brilliant contrasting bands of reds and yellow give way to  soft blues and greys the next day. 

It’s these moments that I’ve captured over the years and curated into this gallery. The essence of these photographs is emotion as much as it is scenery. Can you revel in the stillness of a fiery sunset suspended over a flat, reflective sea? Delight in an endless summer sky? Sense the tension in the approaching storm? Feel the chill when witnessing the winter sun’s fading light? 

If, while perusing these photographs, you catch yourself wanting to enter that world and explore beyond its frame, they’ve served their purpose.