Exhibiting at the Wallowa Valley Festival of the Arts

by | Aug 24, 2023 | News

2023 has become a year of many “firsts” for me and my photography: first invitation to a group online exhibition, then to a solo online exhibition, followed by my first participation in a group exhibition in a physical gallery in Portland, OR. Shortly after that, I was invited to display my work in other exhibitions in Lakewood, CO and Kansas City.

My most recent “first” is being able to attend the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts in person. This is the largest juried fine art exhibition in Eastern Oregon, so the invitation for me to exhibit all three works I submitted was especially gratifying.

But exhibiting my art is only part of the story. Being able to attend the event in person will allow me to get a sense of how people respond to my work—to see it through different eyes. How do they interpret the work? What draws their attention? Does the combination of image and descriptive text spark new stories in their minds? Are my works even interesting?

Anyone who exhibits their art must understand the risk associated with it: an unreceptive audience is part of the experience. To me, it’s an important learning opportunity that is also very humbling. My own aspiration for this show is to see a modicum of attendees appreciate my work. However, constructive criticism is also something I need in order to grow professionally.

So if you have time and interest, I’d love to see fellow art aficionados at the festival. It’s in Joseph, OR, running Friday Sept 15 – Sunday Sept 17.

See you there!