My Work is Being Exhibited at the Black Box Gallery

by | Jun 17, 2023 | News

What a whirlwind these past few months have been: it was only toward the end of 2022 that I made a commitment to invest my time, funds, and energy into my photography in hopes of both improving my skills, as well as to see if I could move into the professional fine art realm.

Since then, I massively upgraded my aging crop sensor camera kit by purchasing a Fujifilm GFX 100s (medium format) digital mirrorless camera and lens set, dedicating the bulk of my time to traveling to locations for specific photographic opportunities, working on the desktop with post-processing tools to output the very best versions of my images… and ultimately presenting these works to the world through this website, via Instagram, and by submitting my photographs to galleries.

It’s been hard work—but as they say, when you love what you’re doing, it isn’t really work. And from my perspective, even though I’ve been involved in photography for decades, this new investment in time and quality equipment is propelling me forward at a pace I didn’t believe previously was attainable.

Yet here I am: barely six months later, and I’ve significantly improved my portfolio. Within the first two weeks of my submitting to gallery calls, I received my first acceptance for an online exhibition. Then the second online exhibition acceptance followed a few weeks after that.

Finally, yesterday I was notified that I cleared the most significant milestone yet: my first curation of work to be presented for the entire month of July 2023 at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR! My work that the gallery selected is entitled, A Study in Spirals, and is shown in this blog’s main header image. You can see the complete work here in my Shapes & Shades collection.

I’m so looking forward to visiting Black Box in Portland to see my work up on the wall—and for the first time, to schmooze with gallery personnel, fellow artists, and the public from the presenting artist side of the fence. And that’s going to take some getting used to! 😊